SLR’s online research tool: TrialRun

Developed to advance SLR’s commitment to assisting clients when assessing and managing risks associated with litigation.

TrialRun is an online research tool that was created to be utilized for all types of cases, while maintaining SLR’s rigorous commitment to quality. For complex cases with high exposure, it can be used as a method to preliminarily assess the key strengths and weaknesses of your case. For cases with lower exposure, it can serve as a standalone tool when an in person research is not financially warranted. Furthermore, situations with significant time pressures, such as formulating a settlement position or preparing for an approaching trial, make TrialRun a particularly advantageous tool. While not a substitute for an in person research, TrialRun can be executed more quickly and is more affordable.


TrialRun allows you to observe jurors deliberating your case, see which facts resonate with jurors, and determine what is important for jurors to know. As always, SLR will maintain its strict adherence to recruiting to the demographic specifications of the venue so you are truly gaining insight from the correct audience. Furthermore, we will continue to conduct a thorough case and document review so we are intimately familiar with your situation. Finally, we promise you the highest quality research reports that you come to associate with SLR.

In preparation for TrialRun, SLR will work closely with you to determine your research goals and assist in developing high quality scripts for your presentations. We will facilitate valuable feedback that otherwise would have gone unheard. Our analysis will help you formulate the appropriate next steps for your case.