Mock Jury/Bench Trials

mock jury trials & mock bench trials

The most comprehensive forms of research we offer, entailing the complete setup and execution of mock jury or bench trials using retired judges, fact and expert witnesses, and/or surrogate jury panels relevant to your venue.

Mock trials can test every aspect of your case –  the usefulness of graphics to attitudes toward damages – en route to developing the most focused strategy for trial. SLR completes mock trials by holding debriefing interviews with the jurors or judges to collect nuanced details that will enhance the persuasiveness of your trial approach.

Services provided include:

  • Planning meetings and conference calls
  • Document review
  • Questionnaire development
  • Recruitment of mock jurors with strict adherence to the demographic of your venue
  • Research execution with SLR professionals who can solicit valuable feedback from a mock juror or judge.
  • In –person results presentation
  • Written research report
  • Continuous monitoring of media and relevant online coverage
  • Location of potential retired Judges to serve as participants
  • Screening of potential Judge participants