About Us

Trial Consultants Whose Expertise You Can Trust. The professionals who make up SLR have amassed vast expertise in a large variety of civil and criminal legal disputes. In addition, our experience ensures that your research runs smoothly and produces reliable results.

Skill Communication Strategies. SLR has gained a reputation for providing the highest-quality litigation consulting in the industry. Our staff translates their experience with thousands of potential jurors into winning communication strategies that can help you succeed in arguing your case. We provide you with skillful communication strategies, not just data.

Part of Your Trial Team. SLR considers no case too large or too small. We provide the same unparalleled, one-on-one attention to every case. SLR becomes a dedicated member of your trial team who understands your case and is committed to your success at trial.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs. Flexibility in our menu of services is a key advantage. We welcome the chance to propose all-inclusive research programs or just a few stand-alone products. Our senior staff can help you determine that is needed to prepare for trial and then offer only those services that meet the specific requirements for your case.

Our principal’s biographies, are linked below: