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Strategic Litigation Research, Inc. provides a full range of trial and jury consulting services nationwide, from mock jury and mock bench trial research to venue studies, assistance with witness preparation and jury selection. SLR also provides graphics for the courtroom. In addition, SLR has available a "real-time" electronic response system for your research. The SLR professional staff is centrally located to conveniently serve our clients.

Both lawyers and their clients have recognized the quality of SLR’s work product.  SLR is not just a vendor of jury research. From the time we are hired we become members of your trial team.  We have a reputation of providing the highest quality litigation consulting. Clients have frequently noted that we have made material contributions to their trial work. We take pride in the quality and integrity of the work we produce, and we remain competitively priced. The methodology and reporting for your research is designed and carried out by experienced senior staff. We stay committed to finding what you need to prepare for trial and then only offer services that we believe are appropriate to meet those needs. SLR strives to achieve expert trial preparation for your litigation team, and to be a valuable asset to you at trial.

Essay: The importance of a competent jury consultant.

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